Radiation Belts High-Energy Electrons

Prediction & ARASE satellite XEP space weather realtime data from JAXA

This page provides forecast of MeV electron flux variations in the outer radiation belt as a function of L values. Time resolution is 1 day (sample average along the Arase orbit). Predictions are calculated by multivariate autoregressive models and Kalman filter based on realtime observation data of Arase/XEP. Details of prediction methods are described in Sakaguchi et al., 2013, 2015. Update is every one hour. Plots can be used for quick look only. Realtime data of high-energy electrons observed by ARASE/XEP data is distributed from JAXA/SEES, realtime solar wind data observed by DSCOVER is provided from NOAA/SWPC., and realtime Dst index is provied by WDC for Geomagnetism, Kyoto.


Radiation belt electrons | NICT Space Weather Forecast Center
High-energy electrons | Himawari-8 SEDA

ERG Space Weather Data (SEES)
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